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Announcing RHiggit! V2 Open Beta...

 RHiggit! is moving forward to version 2, and is being made available as a pre-release open beta. Watch the video below for a view of the forthcoming features.

Join the open beta now

 During the open beta period, RHiggit V2 is available at a special “first-look” price, both for new customers, and those wishing to upgrade from V1 (Pro or Lite). If you would like to join, you can buy from the button below. If you are upgrading, enter some identifying info in one text box to reference your upgrade option, and your dongle/lock number(s) in the other.

Licencing Information

 For the open beta, only personal/small business licences are being offered. This licence allows you 2 seats for the package and the plugin is registered to your dongle number (or lock number if using the dongle free LWK system).

The rigs generated by the plugin are completely native to LW and DO NOT require the plugin to function, however the RHiggit Animation Toolbox IS part of the plugin, and so animators must have a copy of RHiggit to use the functions of this tool.

Studio licences (when available) will offer UNLIMITED seats for both the autorigger and the toolbox functions. Additionally, studio owners will be able to distribute rigs to offsite animators and supply them with a special “unlocked” version of the Animation  Toolbox. This version of the toolbox will ONLY function with rigs created using a studio license.

If you wish to get in on the beta version to have access to this tool now, but will eventually require a studio licence, you may purchase a small business licence now and the price will be deducted from the cost of the studio upgrade later.

Dongle ID(s)
Upgrader identifier

Important Information About RHiggit! 2 Beta


 RHiggit! 2 requires LightWave version 11.6 to work. It is *possible* that a version could be made which would work with LW 10.1 and higher (with only some minor reduction in functionality)... This is something that might be a pain to maintain and extend moving forward (and there’s no guarantee that future updates could be made to work as far back)... so such a version will only be produced if there is sufficient demand. If you think you would want such a version, send an email expressing your interest, and if there is enough... it *might* happen.

Beta Continuity

 As this is currently beta software, things are subject to change... Most importantly for this tool is changes that may well happen to the rig structures created by the tool. It is entirely possible (in fact, it ought be expected) that as things change, a rig built in one version of the plugin will become unusable in another. As such, if you are using the beta in production, you should either hang on to previous releases so that you can pull them out to make adjustments if needed, or get the rigs finished and polished, ready for animation in one beta version before moving onto the next.

Current Release

 For those currently using the beta... the most recent release is...

Release Candidate Final

File  -  /RHiggit2RCfin.zip